Honest Trailer for Independence Day Resurgence

The awesome guys from Screenjunkies have put together an honest trailer for the Independence Day sequel and they speak from the bottom of my heart.

Independence Day is one of my favourite movies. It’s one of the movies you can actually watch anytime anyplace. When it’s on TV you just watch it. I still remember when I saw the first trailer of Independence Day. Seeing that epic scene where the small alien spaceships attack Area 51, I knew I had to watch this movie.

ID4 to me is the perfect example of great actors portraying characters you immediately connect with, a great story with a breathtaking arc of suspense, loads of comic-relief, solid action scenes and mind-blowing special effects for the time it was made. This is entertainment! Independence Day is a popcorn movie.

Ok, ok… it has it’s flaws. I mean in the real world it’s a nearly impossible task to even integrate a Mac into a Windows server environment but Jeff Goldblum‘s character has no problems to hack and infect the alien computers with a virus. But do you actually see where that is coming from? This is an amazing nod to H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds where the aliens’ immune system fails to cope with earth’s microorganisms. So even when this movie is failing it actually doesn’t.

And then there is the most epic speech of movie history against which every other movie speech has to compete and always hopelessly fails:


This all is now followed by Independence Day Resurgence which is just a big-scale disappointment. 20 years? And this is what you come up with? Seriously?

Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I anticipated this sequel so much, that it could only fail my exaggerated expectations. But maybe it’s just a shitty movie. It has some good moments though. Judd Hirsch as amazing as ever. Jeff Goldblum being all Jeff Goldblum. And what I really liked was the chemistry between Brent Spiner and John Storey. By the way have you realised that John Storey’s character was already in the original Indepence Day movie?

Here is what I didn’t like about Resurgence:

  • The original characters feel out of place just put into the movie for the sake of nostalgia
  • No epic speech
  • The young actors appear exchangeable without any charisma
  • The Chinese actress is just in the movie to please the Chinese audiences but has no purpose at all. Why not give her a purpose that would also have fixed the next point
  • Women appear totally underrepresented and do nothing to advance the plot
    (Yes, I am aware the president was a woman. But she is totally replaceable)
  • Why the hell did the alien queen leave her safe place? That made absolutely no sense at all and was only a deus ex machina moment to resolve the situation
  • The scenery was epic and the special effects massive but they did not have any effect on me. They didn’t touch me

Thus the whole movie did not touch me. I have no emotional response to it. It was just too long and actually boring.

Now let’s see what the Screenjunkies have to say:


Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.





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