Shame! Shame! Shame!

Septa Unella (the beautiful Hannah Waddingham) and The Mountain (the world’s strongest man Thor Björnsson) team up in this hilarious commercial and reprise Cersei’s Walk of Shame from Game of Thrones season 5. It’s not only the funniest advertising spot at the moment it’s also promoting a good cause. I certainly don’t want to encourage you to buy the advertised product, but The Mountain has a point here: It’s ridiculous to buy plastic bottles and it’s absolutely unnecessary to buy drinking water, as in most countries tap water has excellent quality. So don’t be stupid, be cool and stop pissing off Mother Earth! Enjoy delicious tap water!

Superfluos knowledge for party conversations:

  • This is the second commercial The Mountain did for Sodastream. Watch the first one here!
  • The spot was produced by Allenby Concept House, directed by Ohav Franz and the actor carrying the evil plastic bottles is Ross Hatt
  • Sorry guys, it’s not the naked Lena Headey you see in Cersei’s Walk of Shame. Model and actress Rebecca van Cleave was her body double in the full naked scenes
  • Family Guy also did a hilarious parody of The Walk of Shame
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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