Weekend of Hell – Horror Convention

In case you have read my LFCC post you might be aware of my intention to work at a convention as a helper. But probably not… Anyway some weeks ago the German Comic Con was looking for helping hands and I immediately applied and to my surprise was actually confirmed as a crew helper.

I must admit my initial enthusiasm crumbled soon in favour of panic. What if I suck? What if my English is not good enough? What if I can’t even speak in awe of the stars? Luckily there was a smaller convention in the same venue – The Weekend of Hell in Dortmund and I thought that’s a good opportunity for a test run. I must admit I never heard of the convention before, although it’s on for over 10 years now. And I must say I was very surprised by the loyalty of the fan community of this event, but I come to that later 🙂

Against all odds I found Michael, who actually lives in the neighbouring village (how likely is that?) and was already an experienced convention helper. We immediately connected and carpooled to the con. Thanx again to Michael for providing me with a ridiculous amount of food and drinks!

When November, 4th arrived I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t even know what my job at the con would be. Actually I was expecting to check tickets or work at the information stand, as this was my first convention as a helper. But to my big surprise I was assigned for taking care of one of the guests. Which meant I would be sitting next to one of the star guests the whole day, while he was signing autographs and escort him to his photoshoots and panels. And I could not have been blessed with a better star guest than Sam Coleman. You might know him from this TV show, you maybe heard of: Game of Thrones. He portrayed the young Hodor!

I only had a few minutes time to prepare myself and quickly read all the information on his IMDB page. What I read really impressed me. Sam is not only an actor, he is also a poet and writer and openly political. Oh and he’s vegan and also a musician. Maybe you even remember the heart breaking song he wrote shortly after his appearance in Game of Thrones: Click here to hear it again and try not to cry.


Sam really made my job very easy and made me laugh so hard my cheeks were aching badly by Saturday evening. I dare to say we had a really great time at the Weekend of Hell. I wish him all the best for his acting career. And I am very sure that we will see a lot more of this talented and thoughtful young man! I for myself have started stalking him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I encourage you to do the same 🙂

Although the weekend was quite exhausting it was great fun all of the time. All of the star guests were amazing. Everyone was very kind to crew and fans. And I was very surprised by the passion and loyalty of the fans. So many of them had such an immense knowledge about the actors and their movies. It was always a pleasure to see their eyes light up, when they got their autograph and had a chat with the people they adored so much.

The crew was exceptional, everyone was supportive and kind and I am really looking forward to work with these crazy guys again at Comic Con in Dortmund.



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